Roses at Sunset

33" x 27"​​ - cotton fabric and batting, piecing, painting, machine embroidery

Autumn roses bathing in a warm evening light create a serene and positive mood. Cottons and silks, hand-painted with acrylics and some metallic paints, and stitched with rayon threads. 

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Fall Gathering

25" x 25"​​ - opaque and semi-transparent silk fabrics, cotton batting, painting, applique, machine embroidery, quilting

Brilliant colors of autumn flowers and fruit inspired this piece. Autumn is that time of the year when we are rewarded for our hard work in the garden and appreciate what nature has to offer us. Cotton fabrics are lightly hand painted with acrylics, then stitched together and embroidered with variegated rayon threads.

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Blue Thistle - SOLD

27" x 38"​​ - cotton batiks, silk, organza, mixed fabrics, cotton batting, rayon thread/piecing, applique, painting, machine embroidery

The mesmerizing and mysterious blue color of this plant swept me off my feet. I just had to recreate it.

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Late Summer Canna Lilies - SOLD

36" x 37"​​ - hand=painted cotton, silk fabrics, cotton batting, rayon thread/applique, piecing, machine embroidery

The hot colors of summer with cold blue and purple highlights remind us that the beauty of the flowers is short lived and winter is approaching. This piece includes one of a kind hand-painted fabrics, and is heavily quilted and embroidered.

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Early Spring

23" x 32"​​ - cotton and silk fabric, cotton batting, piecing, painting, machine embroidery, quilting

A splash of brilliant red on a dull, late winter scene of snow and bare branches - cardinals building a nest is breathtaking reminder that spring is just around the corner.

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